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  • Satanists Leverage Hobby Lobby Ruling In Support of Pro­Choice Initiative

    So is the title of the press release we received this morning from The Satanic Temple. You may recall our interview with Doug Mesner from earlier this year. The Satanic Temple is, perhaps, best known for trying to build a child-friendly monument to satan in OKC: How Mesner and TST are rocking the Hobby Lobby ruling is interesting: The Satanic Temple Leverages Hobby Lobby Ruling to Claim Exemption From State­ Mandated Pro­Life Materials Reads the next line of the press release. And then their website: A number of states require that abortion providers give information to patients that may be inaccurate or misleading. Demands that members of the Satanic Temple, or those who share our beliefs, be subjected against our will to anything but the best scientific understanding are a violation of our religious beliefs. Thanks to rulings such as Hobby Lobby, we can take a stand against these practices. Mesner points out how the Hobby Lobby ruling bolsters their position: “While we feel we have a strong case for an exemption regardless of the Hobby Lobby ruling, the Supreme Court has decided that religious beliefs are so sacrosanct that they can even trump scientific fact. This was made clear when they allowed Hobby Lobby […]

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  • Reports from the ‘High Times’ Medical Marijuana Cup in Clio

    On Saturday we set out to check out the High Times Medical Marijuana Cup in Clio, Mich. — High Times did hold a Cannabis Cup in the Motor City back in 2011, but Detroit police flexing their muscles and making arrests at that event may have been to blame, at least partially, for the choice of a new host city. The event was held this year at the Auto City Speedway, (also known as “B.F.E.” to Detroiters). Nevertheless, the prospect of stopping at the Torch for the best burger in the Genessee County was compelling — and anyway, this was the Cannabis Cup we were talking about. Was it really going to be “work?” It turned out, just a little bit. An inexplicable lack of an on-site ATM meant hiking quite a ways up the road to the nearest gas station, and then waiting for an attendant to restock the ATM with cash. We spoke with plenty of Cannabis Cup attendees at the gas station — everybody knows that the local gas station is a stoner’s best-friend. The two-day festival, for which one-day tickets were sold for $40, was divided into two sections — a general area and a medicating […]

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  • ICYMI: Forbes rates Detroit #9 on its “America’s Most Creative Cities” list

    Yes, it’s true. Forbes says Detroit is one of America’s most creative cities: “We ranked these places based on four metrics: activity per capita on project-funding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo and music sites Bandcamp and ReverbNation. The goal was to capture organic creativity, since many artistic and musical types have “day jobs” outside of creative pursuits.” The Forbes list sandwiches #9 Detroit between #8 Seattle and #10 Oakland, Calif. If you are watching the art and culture explosion happening right now in Detroit, you probably think we should rank higher than #2 Boston and #1 San Francisco, if only for the fact that it’s actually affordable to create here and there is space for everyone to be creative. But hey, those metrics weren’t part of the equation. And there’s always next year.

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  • Food trucks go to the dogs

    Today, starting at 10am, Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck will be swinging by the  Cherry Hill Village at Preservation Park on  N. Roosevelt St. in Canton. They’ll be serving the pups (“gour-mutts,” as Milo’s calls them) treats and the dog parents the opportunity of “family portraits.” Milo’s is on a cross-country food truck trip, promoting their “grilled burger bites” and “chicken meatballs” to pup parents from L.A. to NYC, with stops in between, including Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, the Carolinas, and Arkansas. But watch out! Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck markets “real chicken and beef home-style dog treats” that are are “wholesome” and “authentic” without “artificial flavors or colors-made right here in the USA.” Authentic, processed food that is. Remember what George Carlin said about “home-style”? Their treats are also packed with soy, TVP, wheat flour, tapioca, rice, and sugar–fillers that make the meat go far and aren’t the best for your pup. They’re also packed with preservatives, like sodium erythorbate, nitrates, BHA, sodium tripolyphosphate, and potassium sorbate. Small amounts are probably ok, and no doubt the pup will love it, the same way it’s easy for humans to love carb- and sugar- laden, processed and preserved, treats.  

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  • Former Tigers Dave Rozema and Ike Blessitt to honor Mark “The Bird” Fidrych

    Coming up on August 16, former Detroit Tigers Dave Rozema and Ike Blessitt will team up with the Navin Field Grounds Crew and Metro Times‘ own Dave Mesrey to honor legend Mark “The Bird” Fidrych. The festivities, known as the annual “Bird Bash,” will be held at the infamous Nemo’s Bar & Grill, and will benefit The Bird’s favorite charity, the Wertz Warriors, and also the Mark Fidrych Foundation. For more information, check out their website or Facebook page.

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  • First Little League game at Navin Field today

    Today Navin Field (the Old Tiger Stadium) hosts its first Little League game on a new field made just to host the youngsters! Here’s a photo of the game happening right now, courtesy Tom Derry and Metro Times‘ copy editor extraordinaire, Dave Mesrey: Stop by the site (corner of Michigan and Trumbull) today to watch history in the making!

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The Pot issue 2011

Morning's first light

From Kenya to the Katakombz, Phat Kat smokes beats like blunts

Photo: , License: N/A

Phat Kat: Not your average stoner.

Any number of strains might be found inside Watts' ganja jar at any given time, O.G. Kush, Strawberry Cough, Cheese, Trainwreck, you never know. But the rapper does indeed have a favorite flavor. "Man, that Sour Diesel is on some other shit — for real. For me, it's different than any other strain out there. It's just different: tastes a little different, affects you different. It's Diesel, man." 


Watts can talk about marijuana like European hip-hop heads can talk about Phat Kat. One of his many monikers (Obi Ron Kanobi, Ronnie Cash) is Ronnie Euro. It's fair to say he's generally way more popular in, say, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam or Brussels than he is stateside. 

"The euro fans are crazy students of the music," Watts says. They know the lyrics inside out and can recall very specific lines and question what they mean in the context of the song at any given moment, so when you're there, you have to be that much more on your game about your own songs. They know."

And they know Phat Kat. They love Phat Kat. They want to keep him happy. And part of doing that is hooking the man up with the premium product their town offers. For Phat Kat, finding good pot abroad is not a problem.

"Quality, quantity, whatever, when we're coming through on tour, they know what's up," Watts says. "It's not ever difficult in the slightest. The only hang-up, if you can call it that, is that a lot of these dudes in the UK like to roll tobacco with their weed. That's not me, man. I don't smoke tobacco. One time, at a show in London, I go to hit a blunt between a song, my boy has one lit on the side of the stage, and I take one puff and immediately my lungs were on fire, I didn't know what to do. There was tobacco in that shit, and it fucked me up, man. Didn't feel right for a second. Then I hit some shit that was just weed, drank some water and was back at it."

His connections overseas go far beyond locating good herb. The work with Agor is incredible; in August, Phat Kat collaborated with London rapper Iron Bradyz, cousin of UK rap icon Dizzee Rascal, for the track "The Dobermans." 

In December, Watts will fly to Kenya for a few gigs he recently booked through a new Toronto acquaintance. "Ronnie International, man" Watts laughs. "I've fucked with some African weed before and it's good — really sweet, like Australian stuff. Man, Australia has some fire. Melbourne — man, that shit was crazy."

And speaking of fire, Phat Kat Launched his latest project in September. Dubbed the Katakombz, it's a yearlong project that sees Phat Kat releasing one song and a correlating music video each month for the next several months, maybe a whole year. "The videos will tell one big story," he says. "The songs speak for themselves." 

In the meantime, though, it's early morning rituals. Up early, smoking down joints on either side of a trip to the gym. All business handled by noon. 

A highly functioning hustler with a proclivity for pot, Ronnie Watts is a highly remarkable, globally known rapper. And, more often than not, he's also remarkably high. 

So, pack that in your bowl and smoke it. 


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