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  • Lessenberry on the battle to ban the Metro Times

    Turns out, our very own Jack Lessenberry knows the Grosse Pointer seeking to ban the MT: Ten years or so ago, a woman named Andrea Lavigne sat in on some media survey classes I was teaching at Wayne State University. She was in her late 30s or early 40s, and seemed to be searching for answers. She wanted to know how the media work, and told me she was a Maoist. This fascinated me, because I thought authentic Maoists were almost as rare as passenger pigeons. Chairman Mao, we now know, starved to death and slaughtered tens of millions of his own citizens, and kept China economically and intellectually backward. Intrigued, I got together one night before class with her and another Maoist, to find out what they were all about. Alas, they spouted a form of primitive, grade-school Marxism. They seemed to have very little historical knowledge of Communism or what it had actually been like. Yes. A Maoist. Read the full story at Michigan Radio here.

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  • Detroit residents sue incinerator owner over ‘noxious odors and contaminants’

    A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the owner of Detroit’s municipal solid waste incinerator Monday, accusing the company of nuisance and gross negligence violations According to the complaint filed by Detroit-based Liddle & Dubin P.C., “On occasions too numerous to list, Plaintiffs’ property including Plaintiffs’ neighborhood, residences and yards were physically invaded by noxious odors and contaminants … As a direct and proximate result of the Defendant’s’ negligence in operating and/or maintaining the facility, Plaintiffs’ property has been invaded by noxious odors.” The eight-page complaint charges that local property values have dropped due to the incinerator’s presence, “and has interfered with Plaintiffs’ use and enjoyment of their property.” The lawsuit, filed in Wayne County Circuit Court, seeks a financial award in excess of $25,000 and all costs and attorney fees related to the case. In an email, a spokesperson for the company says, “Detroit Renewable Power is reviewing the complaint filed today,” but declined further comment. The suit comes weeks after a Metro Times’ cover story earlier this month found a growing number of odor complaints from nearby residents since Detroit Renewable Power LLC (DRP) took control of the facility in 2010. The investigation found a spike in citations from the Michigan Department […]

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  • Winners announced for the ‘High Times’ Medical Cannabis Cup

    The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup is more than just a celebration — although with the recent shift in attitudes toward marijuana legalization, there certainly is much to celebrate.  HT‘s Danny Danko described it as “just like any other harvest festival or a county fair where people bring their best produce, their best pigs and horses and cows, and they compete with each other for bragging rights, basically.” Here are a list of winners from this year’s Cannabis Cup, who did indeed walk home with some well-deserved bragging rights — if anyone knows their marijuana it’s High Times: Indica 1ST - Oasis Medical Seeds - Paris OG 2ND - Herbal Solutions - Alien Dawg F2 3RD - Herban Legendz, LLC - Grape OX Sativa 1ST - Arborside Compassion - CATFISH 2ND - Organibliss - Ghost Train Haze #1 3RD - We Grow Education and Collective Centers - MelonGum Hybrid 1ST - Herbal Solutions - Gorilla Glue 2ND - Pure West Compassion Club - Death Star 3RD - Kushman Veganics for Buds & Roses - Veganic Candyland Concentrate 1ST - Mr. B’s Extracts - Raskal’s Lemon 2ND - 710 Savant - Kosher Kush Dewaxed 3RD - Oasis Medical / Vader Extracts / Dab Vader - Candy Jack Shatter Non-Solvent Hash 1ST - NLG - Jedi Kush Ice Wax 2ND - Arborside Compassion - HeadCandy Kush Hash 3RD - New World Seeds Resource […]

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  • Satanists Leverage Hobby Lobby Ruling In Support of Pro­Choice Initiative

    So is the title of the press release we received this morning from The Satanic Temple. You may recall our interview with Doug Mesner from earlier this year. The Satanic Temple is, perhaps, best known for trying to build a child-friendly monument to satan in OKC: How Mesner and TST are rocking the Hobby Lobby ruling is interesting: The Satanic Temple Leverages Hobby Lobby Ruling to Claim Exemption From State Mandated ProLife Materials Reads the next line of the press release. And then their website: A number of states require that abortion providers give information to patients that maybe inaccurate or misleading. Demands that members of the Satanic Temple, or those who share our beliefs, be subjected against our will to anything but the best scientific understanding are a violation of our religious beliefs. Thanks to rulings such as Hobby Lobby, we can take a stand against these practices. Mesner points out how the Hobby Lobby ruling bolsters their position: While we feel we have a strong case for an exemption regardless of the Hobby Lobby ruling, the Supreme Court has decided that religious beliefs are so sacrosanct that they can even trump scientific fact. This was made clear when […]

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  • Reports from the ‘High Times’ Medical Marijuana Cup in Clio

    On Saturday we set out to check out the High Times Medical Marijuana Cup in Clio, Mich. — High Times did hold a Cannabis Cup in the Motor City back in 2011, but Detroit police flexing their muscles and making arrests at that event may have been to blame, at least partially, for the choice of a new host city. The event was held this year at the Auto City Speedway, (also known as “B.F.E.” to Detroiters). Nevertheless, the prospect of stopping at the Torch for the best burger in the Genessee County was compelling — and anyway, this was the Cannabis Cup we were talking about. Was it really going to be “work?” It turned out, just a little bit. An inexplicable lack of an on-site ATM meant hiking quite a ways up the road to the nearest gas station, and then waiting for an attendant to restock the ATM with cash. We spoke with plenty of Cannabis Cup attendees at the gas station — everybody knows that the local gas station is a stoner’s best-friend. The two-day festival, for which one-day tickets were sold for $40, was divided into two sections — a general area and a medicating […]

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  • ICYMI: Forbes rates Detroit #9 on its “America’s Most Creative Cities” list

    Yes, it’s true. Forbes says Detroit is one of America’s most creative cities: “We ranked these places based on four metrics: activity per capita on project-funding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo and music sites Bandcamp and ReverbNation. The goal was to capture organic creativity, since many artistic and musical types have “day jobs” outside of creative pursuits.” The Forbes list sandwiches #9 Detroit between #8 Seattle and #10 Oakland, Calif. If you are watching the art and culture explosion happening right now in Detroit, you probably think we should rank higher than #2 Boston and #1 San Francisco, if only for the fact that it’s actually affordable to create here and there is space for everyone to be creative. But hey, those metrics weren’t part of the equation. And there’s always next year.

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Fall Arts Issue

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A roundup of upcoming art exhibits, dance events, theatrical performances and literary happenings

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323 East Gallery and Boutique 323 E. Fourth St., Royal Oak, 866-756-6538 Through 10/5 - Urban Roots. A group exhibition where artists interpret Detroit's urban farming movement in the present and what this landscape may look like in the future. Inspired by the film Urban Roots. 10/8 - Denial. Street artist from Windsor. December - Dan Armand and Dennis Jacobs.

Alfred Berkowitz Gallery U of M-Dearborn, Dearborn, 313-593-5058 1/1-2/29 - Artists in the Collection. 3/1-4/30 - Prized Possessions/Personal Collections. 5/1-6/30 - Michigan Glass 2012: Glass 50th. 6/1-6/30 - Open Competition 2012.

Ann Arbor Art Center 117 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor, 734-994-8004 Through 10/2 - Annual: All Media Exhibition. 10/8-10/9 - Liberty Local. Art fair. 11/8-12/4 - Michigan Water Color Society's Traveling Exhibition. 11/8-12/4 - Bob Paup Photography: Focus on Maine.

Anton Art Center 125 Macomb Place, Mount Clemens, 586-469-8666 Through 9/24 - On The Wall. 9/22-10/21 - Small Wonders. 11/18-12/22 - Christmas Market 2011: Gifts of Joy. 1/20-2/25 - Michigan Annual XXXVIII. 4/27-6/16 - POP.

Art & Ideas Contemporary Art Gallery & Studio 15095 Northville Rd., Plymouth, 734-420-0775 Through 10/15 - Works in Progress. Displays how a concept for a series of artwork is developed by the artist. Artist-in-residence Shaqe Kalaj will exhibit not only several artworks in various stages of completion, but also all the supporting research material and background visual references used to develop the series concepts. 10/27-12/22 - Downtown FOOT Art. 

Art Department Gallery 5451 Cass Ave., Detroit, 313-993-7813 Through 10/14 - Watercolor Revisited: A New Perspective. 10/28-12/2 - Faculty Exhibition. 1/13-2/10 - WSU MFA Thesis Exhibition. 3/2-3/23 - Tri-County High School Exhibition. 4/13-5/11 - WSU Undergraduate Exhibition. 5/25-6/22 - WSU Art Education Exhibition. 

Art Effect Gallery 1420 E. Fisher Fwy., Detroit, 810-522-7515 Through 10/1 - In Black and White. An all media group show that explores the black and white aesthetic. 10/7 - We Are Here. More than 40 original works of art created by nationally and internationally known Detroit artists spanning multiple mediums and artistic movements. 11/5-12/17 - Holiday Boutique. 

Art Gallery of Windsor 401 Riverside Dr. West, Windsor, 519-977-0013 Through 9/25 - Gender and Membership in 3 Canadian Art Groups. Through 10/9 - Annie MacDonell: The Abyss and the Horizon. 9/21-12/31 - 2011 AGW Biennial. 10/8-12/31 - Joseph Hubbard: You Don't Know What You Are Seeing (Romancing the Gallery). 10/17-10/22 - Homework: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices. Broken City Lab presents in collaboration with the AGW this four-day residency, two-day conference and collaboratively-written publication aimed at generating dialogue.  See 12/7-12/11, 12/14-12/18 - Please Don't Go. Part of the 2011 AGW Biennial, artist Stephen Mueller inhabits a display case, constructed of two-way mirrored glass; the proportions of the case have been designed specifically to accommodate his body.

Artcite 109 University W., Windsor, 519-977-6564 Through 10/8 - Borders. Works by Jose Luis Torres. 9/24 - Fahrenheit Festival of Fire Sculpture. Features more than 10 fire sculptures made on-site by Canadian artists, a performance by Detroit's Bacchanal Promotions Circus and Fire Juggling Troupe, live music by Lonesome Lefty, kids' activities and more. Located at the LaSalle Vollmer Culture and Recreation Center Pond Park. 10/14-11/12 - By Its Cover. 12/2-12/23 - Doin' the Louvre. Annual Christmas fundraising exhibition and sale.

Biddle Gallery 2840 Biddle Ave., Wyandotte, 734-281-4779 Through 9/16 - Fiber Trilogy 9/30-11/30 - Donald Cronkhite: Before the Strom. Cronkhite's large-scale paintings capture cloud formations in the moments before a storm, focusing on form, color and contrast.

Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center 1516 S. Cranbrook Rd., Birmingham, 248-644-0866 Through 10/7 - The Students of Andrea Tama. Through 10/7 - Three Views. Featuring Rose DeSloover, Sherry Moore and Lois Teicher. Through 10/7 - Birmingham Society of Women Painters. Through 10/7 - Elijah Van Benschoten. 10/14-11/11 - The Students of Leslie Masters and Robin Servo. 10/14-11/11 - Jerry Lee Morton. 10/14-11/11 - Faculty Exhibition. 

Bloomfield Galleries 79 W. Long Lake Rd., West Bloomfield, 248-731-7198 Through 9/30 - The Appeal of the Figure. Figurative pieces ranging in style from realism to cubism will be prominently displayed with hundreds of additional pieces and subjects also available to view.

Cafe 1923 2287 Holbrook Ave., Hamtramck, 313-319-8766 Through 10/1 - Clearing in the Woods. Shadow boxes, encaustics and paintings on canvas by visiting Canadian artists Maria Parella-Ilaria and Rebecca Draisey.

Cass Cafe 4620 Cass Ave., Detroit, 313-831-1400 Through 10/29 - 6 Degrees. An exhibit of paintings by Detroit-based artist Craig Paul Nowak. The show features a range of works in a variety of media, and features large-scale portraits drawn from the artists' circle of family and colleagues.

Center Galleries 301 Frederick Douglass, Detroit, 313-664-7800 Through 10/8 - Scenes from Something Overlooked. New work by Andrew Krieger, Michael McGillis and Clinton Snider. 10/21-11/19 - Teta de la Course: Photographs by Donald Dietz and Custom Bicycles by Detroit Designers. 10/21-11/19 - Photographs by S. Kay Young. 12/10-12/17 - Ryan Trecartin in Detroit. 1/27 - Grid List. Exploring geometric abstraction in the 21st Century with work by artists from London, New York, Detroit and Atlanta. 3/23 - Katie Craig: A Painting Installation. 

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